Northern Spirit

Southerners, especially Floridians worry incessantly that we northerners will come for a visit and never leave. They believe the lure of year-round warm weather is the key. I’ve lived full-time in Florida and I can tell you it’s nice but…but really? You lose the feel of the year, the seasons, the ebb and flow of nature and more than that you miss out on cool little things, like just last week, the temps broke above zero, and the sun was out. I stopped at the gas station to fill ‘er up. I wasn’t the only one. There must be a certain type of woman who prefers to pump gas on sunny days because while I stood waiting for the humongous tank in my Land Rover to fill (Yes, I was driving on empty), I watched five other women pull in and fill up. The part that kept me smiling? They were all dressed like me, wearing huge heavy winter boots and T-Shirts sans winter coats. Only in Canada (and I suspect many northern states). All hail Mother Nature and her beautiful four seasons.


p.s. On a sad note, my gentle giant Stella has lost her battle with cancer. She was just three days short of her seventh birthday. I will miss her.