Lesbian Fiction

What Exactly is LesFic? Lesbian Fiction is a category of the literary subgenre Lesbian Literature. There are other categories within the Subgenre, like science fiction, mystery, or romance and it’s much more popular then you would think.

Who Reads This Stuff?

You might be surprised to learn men, as well as women, enjoy the category. After all, where else can you be assured of a story where the women kick ass and take no prisoners? If you are looking for a heroine, look no further. This category is chalk-a-block if women of every type, working hard and succeeding in life and every other imaginable goal.

Interested in Spy Thrillers?


Contrary Warriors takes you into a world more complex and relevant than you can imagine. The new millennium delivered a new world; one none of us, especially our Intelligence Agencies saw coming. To face this challenge one new and unique team will come together to find the answers that others have failed to deliver.

Meet MI6’s newest assets, US Marine Bo Commander and her cousin, Canadian Forces pilot Cleo Deseronto. These two Mohawk are women recruited to join a new team. Their combined skills are necessary to complete an outrageous operation. After all, strange days call for strange ways and these two carry medicines the west has never used and the east has never encountered.

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