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Ground Rule For Writers

A Quick and Easy Reference Guide for Writing Your Best Fiction or Non-fiction

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This guide is an Excellent Resource for Solving All the Pesky Details Messing UP Your Hard Work.

Book Cover: Ground Rules for Writers

Fully Indexed with detailed lists of common words that are confusing to use, and may be encountered in reading and speech. The Ground Rules for Writers provides strategies for differentiating words that are close in meaning, usage, and sound. There are also rules for non-words that could puzzle anyone, even your grade two spelling teacher!

Punctuation may be at risk of extinction, but misplaced periods or commas can make your writing difficult to read or even appear unskilled. Check out our handy rules and put the punctuation exactly where it belongs.

The Ground Rules for Writers also delivers key rules for great Composition, enabling you to create your work with proper word usage and sentence structure. The truth is, the fewer grammatical mistakes, the better your readers will understand your work and the more they will enjoy your effort!

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The Purpose

You Don’t Need to be Dead to See Your Future Clearly…But Sometimes it Helps.

When a simple day procedure turns into a battle for survival, Sheryl Wright, an indigenous Faith Keeper, finds herself lost in a world between this life and the next. While her spirit wanders from location to location, looking for clues to find her way, her body battles sepsis and other compounding post-surgical complications. She admits, at the time she didn’t understand the significance of her many visions but looking back, she can find a correlation between her experience and the minds eagerness to help explain what can’t be explained.

In Wright’s Near-Death Experience, she meets other spirits in transition and speaks at length with friends and mentors both living and dead. Happenings in the real world, overheard by her subconscious mind are interwoven with memories both crazy and inconceivable. From fights to the stars, to a private staging of Thompson Highway plays, in an airport infirmary no less, she receives insights on work, love, and the meaning of life. If you thought you had a firm handle on big questions like God and the afterlife, prepare to have your views turned upside-down. With a mix of indigenous teaching, experiences from her days in the Military, to her wild take on pop culture and some of our most beloved characters, she delights with a view of life we rarely see. Her visions combine to deliver a refreshing look at life, the pursuit of happiness, not to mention, our place on this diverse planet to the actual fabric of space.

Prepare to be delighted, engaged, and sometimes, just sometimes challenged to examine your own knowledge and beliefs.


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WordPress 101

Book Cover: WordPress 101

Ten Illustrated Steps to Building a Professional Website