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Authentic Me!

There is nothing better than a story where we, as humans, come together to make a wrong into a right. More than that, I look for a story with a strong female protagonist. I love to read about S’heroes, real or imagined. S’hero is the word I use to replace the antiquated heroine. Not only […]

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The Un-Scientific Examination of LesFic in Review

 Posted from January 21, 2016 Okay, I’ll admit it! Sometimes, when I need a little lift-me-up, I troll the five-star reviews of those authors I admire. When I’m in a nasty mood, I hit the one-star reviews of the writers I’m not so enamoured with. [highlight]I know, I know, but I gave up chocolate so […]

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Plan is a Four Letter Word!

In an effort not to offend anyone, I go out of my way to hunt down and eradicate inappropriate language. In doing so, I never imagined that a simple word like PLAN could cause such offense. As my very simple, and not at all scientific research shows, 83% of visitors to my blog were so […]

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Imagine this New Year is a Restart Button…Go Ahead, Press Restart…I Dare You!

Time to shake up the New Year We make a lot of noise every year, celebrating the end of the old and beginning of the new. Too bad that’s all we really do. Oh, we make plans, set resolutions, and mean well, but… By the end of January, and often even earlier, we are back […]

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Planning to Plan

First Step on the Learning Curve As a pilot and engineer, I will admit I work best with a plan.  That doesn’t mean I’m good at planning, but I have learned that having a plan is all the difference between planning to succeed and failing to plan. So how do you create a plan? It’s […]

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Writer’s Learning Curve

Follow me, from finished manuscript through book promotion and sales, as I explore some of the Best and Worst platform building tools and Applications available.  

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