Sago and Welcome!

Welcome to my virtual home.

My name is Sheryl Wright and I’m a published author, retired pilot and engineer. I began writing as a means to share stories of my adventures.

That desire has resulted in my first series, Contrary Warriors.  Book one, Opposite Sides of the Coin was published in 2015 by the Florida Academic Press. with book 2, Blood Legacy scheduled for release in February and book 3, Carved in Ice is in the works.

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And that’s not all! I’ve been working on something completely different. Anyone up for a little romance? Don’t Let Go, my first title in this new genre (new for me) is scheduled for release on 2016 from Bella Books.

Want more? I’m working on a non-fiction Series for the Survive It Press. The first issue is a tongue-in-cheek look at the skills needed to land an airplane, any airplane, and is tentatively titled: How To (In the Extremely Unlikely Event) Land the Airplane! If you’ve ever fantasized about taking the controls and saving the day, this book is for you. Other subjects being considered for the series: How to Escape a Volcano, How to Survive in the Wilderness, and other completely improbable improbable emergencies!

Contrary Warriors

Contrary Warriors

Blood Legacy